Win money with your fantasy teams

Challenge anyone across leagues and platforms using the teams you already have.

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Sync Your Rosters

Connect your league to Flex Fantasy, we sync your Sleeper or Yahoo rosters continuously and even mimic your lineup settings

Challenge Anyone

You're not limited to your league, you can play any other person on Flex. Flex also makes it easy to invite and challenge anyone

Win and Cash In

Create your own challenge or enter any public challenge by "Backing" another team in the Arena

Play different

We built Flex with "FLEXibility in mind". No new leagues or season-long commitments. Play both Best Ball and normal Head-to-Head games with your current teams.

Best Ball

We auto fill the best players in each lineup slot. Auto-Pilot

Head 2 Head

We mimic your starting lineup. Your decisions matter

3 Ways to Challenge
Others on flex

Direct Challenge

You vs League

1-Click Challenge

You vs Anyone

Open Challenge

You vs World

"I played on Flex Fantasy's app and had a blast! Not only can you squeeze some extra juice out of your best teams, but going through other teams and selecting them was a fun exercise."

— Dave Kluge, Footballguys

“Flex Fantasy is the best way to challenge your friends to fantasy football matches across platforms. With weekly contests, this is the DFS alternative using your own rosters!”

— Chalk, The Undroppables

"Flex Fantasy is a blast and a great way to enhance your fantasy football experience. Now I can take my team I spent hours drafting to face off against anyone for bragging rights and fast cash!

— Dan Mader, Belly Up Fantasy Football

“My home league is all about the trash talk, and sometimes just beating my weekly opponent isn’t enough, I need bragging rights over everyone in the league at every possible moment. That’s why I love Flex Fantasy and the ability to challenge people you aren’t even playing that week, it’s fun to be everyone’s enemy.”

— Jimmy T., Fantasy Pros

“The best part about Flex Fantasy is the way we’re able to compete against people who don’t play in our league. It’s the best way to settle any debate. It’s user-friendly and the different types of games you can play keep things interesting week to week.”

— Good Old Boys Fantasy Football

"When I heard of Flex I thought it would be a fun way to play with some friends and co-workers who aren't in my league. The app was super intuitive to sync my team, make some challenges, and check scores. After trying it out, I was hooked. It’s a fun way to play with anyone who has a fantasy team.”

— Kyle White, Flex Fantasy Early Adopter

Real Money Gaming in 14 States.

Free Games for All

Flex Fantasy can be played for real money games in CA, DC, GA, IL, KY, MN, NC, ND, OR, RI, SD, UT, WI, WV.  
Don’t See Your State?

You can still play Flex for Free even if you aren't in an allowed state


Flex Fantasy now available in Sleeper MINIs.

You can now play Flex Fantasy inside the Sleeper app. Expand your weekly winnings by creating and entering Flex challenges across any league and against any team

Learn More

There is nothing “mini” about it. Find the Flex Fantasy Mini right inside of Sleeper


Flex Friends get first dibs on game developments, platform announcements, and new weekly offers.

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